Slasher Online

Synopsis From Amazon: The last thing Jackie and her new friends expected was to wake up in a virtual reality nightmare hosted by 1-Up, a student of eighties slashers.With knives hung over their real-world hearts, set to penetrate them if their hit points reach zero, Jackie and her fellow players will have to level up … Continue reading Slasher Online

Beware The Penguins: A Short Story

Synopsis From Amazon: Martyn has spent his life battling with Tourettes, and a gaggle of penguins hanging on his every word. A humorous look at a few hours in the life of a Tourette's Sufferer and what happens when he goes speed dating. Review After reading a review written by Mrs. Etchells, I decided to … Continue reading Beware The Penguins: A Short Story

The Sanatorium

Synopsis High in the Swiss Alps, sits Le Sommet. Once a sanatorium, now converted into a luxury hotel. Elin Warner and her boyfriend Will arrive to celebrate Elin's brother's engagement just before the area is hit by a massive blizzard. But the blizzard isn't the only danger. Soon bodies start appearing and Elin is forced … Continue reading The Sanatorium

Dead On My Feet

Synopsis Phineas Troutt solves problems. Have a stalker? Being extorted for protection money? Phin will solve your problem for the right amount of cash. With the help of some friends, Phin tries to help the doctor of a woman's clinic who is being harassed for unknown reasons. What seems like a small job at first … Continue reading Dead On My Feet

Deceased and Desist

I'd like to thank Seven River Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC of this book to read and review. This book is set to be published May 18, 2021 Synopsis Chantilly Adair, a single mother who can talk to ghosts already has her hands full with a project for the Castleberry Historical Society when the … Continue reading Deceased and Desist


Synopsis A helicopter crashes near Safe Haven, Wisconsin. Then people begin to be tortured and massacred. *That is my personal synopsis of this book Review I am currently following J.A. Konrath's recommended reading order of his books. Afraid is the fifth book I've read now and was written under the now-retired Jack Kilborn pen name. … Continue reading Afraid

The Air Raid Killer

Synopsis In world war 2 era Dresden, Germany Max Heller is surrounded by danger. The Americans and British are leading air raids on the city by night. The Russians are getting closer every day. And Heller is not even able to trust his own people as many of them have joined the Nazi party and … Continue reading The Air Raid Killer

The Wolf Mile

I'd like to thank Aria & Aries and NetGelley for an ARC of this book to read and review. Synopsis Tyler Maitland and Lana Cameron are recruited by The Horde, one of two teams of warriors in Edinburgh and based on ancient civilizations who are pitted against each other for the amusement of the ultra-wealthy. … Continue reading The Wolf Mile

The List

Synopsis Tom Mankowski is a homicide detective investigating the murder of Thomas Jessup. A librarian found decapitated in his apartment. Aside from the obviously disturbing missing head, Tom discovers the victim has a mysterious tattoo on the bottom of his foot that matches one Tom has on his own foot. Soon Tom finds others with … Continue reading The List