I have been in a funk with books lately it seems. I don’t know if I have become more picky or if I just have been unlucky with the books I have chosen. This book advertises itself as being a thriller about five of the world’s top scientists “ brought together to solve one of the greatest mysteries in human history. Their subject, however, is anything but human…”

For 200 pages of this 342 page book (on Kindle) there was nothing but confusing descriptions of scientific theory that, without special degrees and a dictionary were indecipherable. And had nothing at all to do with this non-human mystery. Other than a few sentences in the prologue there is 200 pages with nothing about them. 200 pages. I believe the “non-human” enemies finally got teased at about page 197. Then nothing again for awhile before something finally happens.

None of the characters are memorable, relatable, or really had any reason to be there “based on their scientific field”. I am struggling to name 5 characters from the book.

One character was there to look angry. One character was there to, for some reason even though he is immediately considered suspicious and off putting by everyone else, become the person who’s orders everyone follows for no apparent reason while also saying his background is crazy.

One character is there because she predicted a seismic event which comes into play for about half a page. And the fourth scientist is there because the author wanted another character. There was zero point to him being there and he did nothing to further the plot.

As far as the fifth top scientist. I can’t even think of who it was. Basically all the characters in the book were scientists. I’m not sure what in the book conveyed how any of them were some of the world’s top scientists.

This book was a total waste of time. Tedious to read and without much of a payoff. I do not recommend it at all.

Michael McBride Subhuman
This one gets half a mask more than it got on goodreads because at the end. At the very very end it did finally have some worthwhile parts to it. 1.5 masks.

Follow the link below to buy this book from Amazon.

Subhuman (A Unit 51 Novel Book 1)

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