The Chase

I started this series looking for some good books about Jack the Ripper and I found “The Cutthroat” which turned out to be book 10 in the Isaac Bell series. After somewhat liking and finishing that book I decided to read the series. I enjoyed most of the chase and am now working on The Wrecker however the more I read the more trouble I have rooting for the protagonist Isaac Bell. He is the best at everything. He is rich. He gets the perfect girl. He always has the perfect hunches. He is “perfect”. I personally find it very very hard to root for or really care about a protagonist like that. It really annoys me and takes away from my enjoyment of the books. I am hoping this changes as the series goes on because I enjoy the time period and ideas of the books so far but I don’t know if I’ll go through the whole series if it just continues to be about perfect Isaac.

Final note. The editor sure could have convinced Cussler to cut some more of the book out. Having a full page (several times) just describing someone starting a car got pretty old pretty quick. I do not recommend this book.

Clive Cussler The Chase
2 Masks. This is just bad in my opinion. If you can’t root for the hero who can you root for?

Follow the link below to buy this book on Amazon.

The Chase (Isaac Bell series Book 1)

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