Whiskey Sour


Jack (Jacqueline) Daniels has no life outside of her job as a detective in the Violent Crimes department of the Chicago Police department. She has no friends, her live-in boyfriend has left her, and now a serial killer called “The Gingerbread Man” has begun murdering women in her city.


I’ll say it right off the bat, I really enjoyed this book. Jack Daniels is an insanely likable main character. She is what, in my opinion, a good hero character should be. She is fallible. She makes mistakes, she isn’t the best at everything, she isn’t perfect. She is however brave, funny, sarcastic, witty, heroic, persistent, tenacious, smart, relatable, and as I said before very likable. From the sarcastic comments, she makes to people to the sly one-liners of her inner monologue she is just plain fun to read about. A lot of time I read about how people (especially men) think that if a female character is strong and focused on her career and has a will of her own she is a bitch. Well, I’m a man, Daniels is strong, her job is her life, she has a hell of a strong will, and not once did I get the feeling that this woman was a bitch. Konrath has written her with the perfect amount of snarkiness and attitude and created one of my favorite protagonists of all time.

The book has a great pace to it. I never felt like the story was dragging one or that any parts were just filler, doing nothing to add to the story. Daniels aside, there is a great group of characters that make Konrath’s Jack Daniels universe come alive. Harry McGlade is a very fun character and continues to be in subsequent books. The villain is interesting and menacing. Even minor characters have their own little charms and some are skillfully introduced and set up to appear in more books.

If you like cop thrillers, serial killer thrillers, action, comedy you will like this book. I definitely recommend this book.

I do have to say there are descriptions of abuse, mutilation, rape, and torture in this book so if you are sensitive to reading about those kinds of things then maybe give this book a pass.

4 Masks
4 Masks

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Whiskey Sour (Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels Mysteries Book 1)

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