A helicopter crashes near Safe Haven, Wisconsin. Then people begin to be tortured and massacred.

*That is my personal synopsis of this book


I am currently following J.A. Konrath’s recommended reading order of his books. Afraid is the fifth book I’ve read now and was written under the now-retired Jack Kilborn pen name. It is actually the fourth book from the list I’m posting a review of because I made a mistake and skipped Rusty Nail which I will post a review of soon.

Afraid is a change in genre and tone from the previous Konrath books I’ve reviewed. It takes place in Safe Haven, Wisconsin in the same universe as his other works ( Jack Daniels, Phineas Troutt, Serial Killer series) but while the other books are mysteries and thrillers that often have a heavy dose of comedy thrown in, this book verged on being gore/torture porn.

Afraid is very appropriately named. It is pure horror. From the opening pages to the final chapters one atrocity after another befalls the citizens of Safe Haven. Terrible acts range from burning people to eating parts of them. If you have a hard time reading about graphic violence and sexual assault this is not the book for you. Though I am usually a fan of Konrath books this one just relied too heavily on shock and disgust and a very hard-to-believe plotline.

I really don’t have much to say about the book. Like the short and sweet synopsis at the beginning of the review said. A helicopter crashes. And the people get brutally tortured and killed. The hard-to-believe plotline is completely overshadowed by the extreme gore and violence in this one and if it had been my first Konrath book I probably wouldn’t have read another.

I want to stress, do NOT read this book if you have any problems with reading about gore, violence, sexual assault, cannibalism, etc.

Two Masks

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Afraid (The Konrath Dark Thriller Collective)

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