I am a huge fan of 80’s horror. Especially the slasher sub-genre. My favorite of the 80’s slashers is Jason Voorhees. I love Michael Meyers, Freddy is OK, but Jason is my all-time favorite. I like him so much so I made my own Jason mask a few years ago.

Today as I sat in my living room thinking about how I wanted to make my rating system at least a little different from a standard star rating I kept looking across the room at the Jason mask. It is on my entertainment center leaning against a Green Bay Packers beer stein in a way that the lid of the stein showing through one of the eye holes actually gives the illusion of Jason’s bad eye. Which is the only reason I still have it leaning on the Stein. Looking at the mask I had my answer. For my rating system (which will be retroactive. I will be going back and giving the seven books I already reviewed their ratings) I will be giving masks. And because I hate when there are systems that do not employ half ratings. I will include half masks. So at the end of all of my reviews you should see something like this…

4.5 Mask Rating

I have personally talked to someone named Jason and they nodded their approval to use this method of rating. So here is what each of the ratings translates too.

Couldn’t be worse. Just awful. Stay away!
Wow this is bad. Really bad. Not much is worse than this.
This was pretty bad. Don’t waste your time.
They tried but it didn’t help. Watch or read only if there is absolutely nothing else.
Almost OK but didn’t quite make it. Not terrible but I’d rather have done something else.
This was an OK use of my time.
This was a fun use of my time.
This is pretty cool. I had a good time.
Hell yeah this is great! Don’t miss it!
Holy Hell. I feel like Jason when he watches a new group of camp counselors get off the bus!

Or for those without an imagination that translates to –

  • Incredibly Terrible
  • Terrible
  • Really bad
  • Bad
  • Ok
  • Good
  • Pretty good
  • Really good
  • Incredible
  • Couldn’t be better

So there you go. And if you don’t like my system just remember. It’s approved by a guy named Jason.

For anyone that is interested, this is the Jason mask I made and the photo that is used for the rating icons.

2 thoughts on “Rating System

  1. I think that you must have the wrong person. I do not have a copy of that book. I’ve checked my TBR list and ARCs that I have requested and the book is not on any of those lists and I have never sent an author info saying I would complete a review of their book by a certain date.


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